About OpsStars

History of OpsStars

Eight years ago, OpsStars was launched to provide the Ops community with a platform to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and unwind amidst the chaos of Dreamforce.

Today, OpsStars has evolved into a thriving community of revenue-focused operations practitioners and executives, offering an event experience that centers on sharing practical knowledge and solutions. With an ever-changing agenda and diverse speakers, OpsStars enables attendees to collaborate, gain new insights, and drive revenue success.

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Participate in the OpsStars online community on Slack! Come network, share and learn best practices, identify new trends, and accelerate towards operational excellence and career development.

Cultivating Operations Talent with Ross Nibur, Director of Operations at Toast

OpsStars Podcast

The OpsStars Podcast, a show where marketing operations, sales operations and customer success operations support each other through sharing ideas, learning best practices, and discovering innovative new strategies. We host authentic conversations with OpsStars at the top of their game, to empower you to create a great buyer experience, drive growth for your organization and ultimately succeed in your career.

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