Data-Driven Performance Management in 2024 with Pete Kazanjy, Co-founder of Atrium

In this episode of the OpsStars podcast, Pete Kazanjy, Co-founder of Atrium and founder of Modern Sales Pros, joins Don Otvos to explore the role of performance management in sales organization. They discuss how managers can effectively manage their teams through data-driven insights, the challenges of interpreting performance data, and the support offered by the Modern Sales Pros community. Pete also dives into remote working, measuring and managing performance to drive growth and accountability in sales organizations, and the AI impacts on RevOps.

Pete specializes in go-to-market strategies for early-stage SaaS companies and serves as an investor and advisor in enterprise software. His expertise includes driving revenue growth, enhancing sales and marketing automation, CRM, mobile enterprise solutions, business intelligence, HR technology, and consumer marketplaces. Additionally, Pete is the Founder of Modern Sales Pros and author of “Founding Sales – The Startup Sales Handbook.”