What It Means To Be an OpsStar with
Kimberly Galitz of F5 Networks

Kimberly Galitz, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, F5

In this episode of the OpsStars Podcast, Rachael McBrearty is joined by Kimberly Galitz, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at F5. Kimberly was hired to clean up the Marketo architecture at F5 and apply her expertise with marketing tech stacks to help F5 grow. She’s also a 2x Marketo Champion and the 2020 OpsStar of the Year.

They discuss the confidence issues Ops professionals face and how being a part of a community of Ops professionals helps overcome them. They also talk about the importance of being visible by working to build connections across organizations and highlighting accomplishments to the right stakeholders. Finally, this very first episode of the Podcast includes advice for newbie Ops professionals on how to approach their new jobs with confidence.