Using Account Intelligence to Become More Relevant to Your Buyers with Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase

Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase

Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase, shares why using data to drive account intelligence can help sales and marketing teams be more relevant by aligning go-to-market motions and messages to the buyer journey.

Jon has over twenty years of experience in the marketing business, co-founding two successful companies; Marketo, which was sold to Adobe for $4.75 billion, and Engagio which was acquired by Demandbase in 2020.

Now the CMO at Demandbase, he is responsible for leading their account-based go-to-market strategy and delivering on its mission to transform how B2B companies market and sell.

He is also an author, thought leader, and speaker and was named Most Influential Marketing CEO of the Year in the 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards.